Reviews from Past Attendees

85% of past attendees have rated it as “the best” or “among the best” conferences they have ever attended!

Here is a sample of what attendees have said about past forums:


“I just wanted to reiterate how wonderful I thought this year’s Innovation Forum was! It was truly one of the most engaging and interesting conferences I’ve ever attended. The speakers were all so fabulous, I didn’t want to miss a minute!”

“The conference was amazing and really inspired me. Easily the best content of any conference I have been to. It was up there with Cannes in terms of quality.”


“While you say that putting on meetings is not your forte, I have not attended a better-run and thought-out event. You have developed it into a ‘must-attend’ event that I look forward to being a part of for many years.”

“I suggest that what you do to stimulate innovative thinking is an invaluable strength and point of difference. Keep it up!”